Saturday, May 23, 2009

After tax season - What's next?

Now that another successful tax season has come and gone, we are now looking forward to successful summer and planning seasons; and, technology is going to assist us in these endeavors. If you are reading this, you already know how fast technology is changing. We used to phone and fax. Then, we e-mailed and instant messaged. Now, we are blogging, tweeting, social networking and texting. Our firm has just embarked on an aggressive update of our website(s) to integrate these and other functions to better serve you, our clients and potential clients.

The website design is engineered to be a central reference point for our firm that integrates all the above-mentioned technologies. The website(s) will allow you to sign-up for (e-)mailings, receive text updates and reminders, follow this blog and twitter. It will also integrate social networking through Facebook and Linkedin. Further, the site will include updated news feeds that you may subscribe to, if so desired. Not only will we integrate these new technologies, we will update and integrate the "best" functions of our current website(s).

We will also be using some of our client's and our favorite functions from our previous website versions. "Pay your Bill," tax resources, tax calendars, calculators, subscribe to our (e-)newsletter, send us your files and "Ask us" function will live on. These functions allow us to provide more efficient and effective communication and service for all our clients. Furthermore, integration with our new technologies will provide quite an enhancement that I'm sure you will appreciate.

As the world moves forward, so must we. We are truly excited about the website design and see great potential and benefits. We hope this investment will make the communications and services that we provide to you, our most valued clients, more efficient and effective.

Please continue to monitor this blog and please subscribe. Subscribers will get an "exclusive" advanced preview of the new website and functions. Also, the "live" date will be announced here first.

Very truly yours,
Shawn M. Williams, CPA
James A. Chouinard, CPA